• naruto: you're the moon because you're pale as fuck and dark deep down
  • sasuke: ....
  • naruto: im the sun because im bright and happy
  • sasuke: youre the sun because no one wants to fucking look at you directly

no matter what okinawa will be fun ო dedicated to special thanks to iryonin for allowing me to use her translation~

It’s as easy as breathing. 

Mamura walks her to her classes. Mamura brings her milk from the canteen and Suzume tries/fails to make him bentos. During study-period, he moves his desk to face hers and they share notes and headphones. They start holding hands by accident—Suzume trips over a step on the road and Mamura catches her by the palm. And his hand lingers. The school is abuzz with the strange, but cute second-year couple—Yosano Suzume and Mamura Daiki, so different that they just fit. 

Suzume doesn’t think she’s in love with him, yet, but there’s a part of her that knows she will be, soon enough. Yuyuka tells her that her eyes go moony and her voice gets soft when she talks about him.

If that’s not love, Yuyuka tells her, I don’t know what is.

Based on this fic, with kentaro sakaguchi as daiki mamura and fumiko aoyagi as suzume yosaso. I just wanted to do something pretty using nora’s fics because they’re perfect.


A fiercely committed winner, tactically astute and with the physical capacity to dictate games all day long [x]


thomas müller has been nominated to do the ice bucket challenge wait for a 2 hour video of him talking about it before doing it

Manuel Neuer is a different kind of goalkeeper, a different kind of man. Unlike the ones who came before him - I don’t know who I’m thinking of right now - he’s not an egomaniac. He’s classy. He’s a teamplayer, a highly intelligent, sensitive and modern footballer.”


I really want to go to college and have a successful career and be independent but I also want to date a footballer and chill in Ibiza and attend all his matches and make my life around his and I don’t know what to do, help